Patricia Harrity, LCT-C, CCC, MA, BA

Certifications and Education

  • Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate
  • Master’s Degree: Creative Arts Therapy (Concordia University)
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Theatre Studies, Music, and Psychology (Mount Allison University)

As a creative arts therapist, my practice is grounded a strong belief in creative processes as inherently therapeutic. I have had the privilege of facilitating creative arts therapy with a wide variety of populations, and time and time again have witnessed first hand just how effective creative processes can be to help individuals reduce anxiety, express and process difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, loss, and grief, as well as to help individuals increase emotion-regulation skills, interpersonal skills, cognitive flexibility, and self-esteem. My own personal interest in theatre and music, as well as my interest in helping others led me to the pursuit of creative arts counselling: a helping profession that I am tremendously grateful to be a part of.

My clinical experience includes facilitating creative arts therapy with children between the ages of 4-13 at KV Psychology & Wellness Clinic, as well working alongside the NB Social Pediatrics Team to provide services to children in the uptown Saint John area. Prior to relocating to Saint John, I conducted therapy with children (4-8) in the Child Psychiatry Unit (Early Childhood Disorders Program) at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and with children (6-12) attending after school programming at the community center Maison Saint Columba house. I have also facilitated community based group creative arts therapy with older adults with diverse/ varied abilities.